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Mt. Vernon Gang Initiative Weekly Update

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October 12 2012
Friday, October 12, 2012 (572 reads)

Chris and Rachel HokeBaptism is one kind of death. A mystery I still do not fully understand. But others I have met in the jail have entered the other kind of death . . . and way too early.

So below is a link to another radio show story I did, on NPR's "Snap Judgment." It is about one of my favorite friends I've made in the jail over the years, Richard Mejia, who recently met his death at age 26 in prison. I tell a portions of the story of our friendship in the link below. The chapter of the program is "Most Wanted." (The last photo attached is of Richard in court before he died.)  I'm hoping that sharing his voice with a wider audience is a small form of resurrection after his tragic end.

Click to listen to the interview.

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