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Community College Ministry News

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March 2013 Update
Monday, April 08, 2013 (468 reads)

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. Matthew 28:18-20

Since its inception in Oct. 2010, God has blessed this ministry and is continuing to work through it by touching the lives of an increasing number of students. We are excited to hear and realize that this is currently a work of the Holy Spirit throughout the whole Puget Sound region. For our part in the region, Milad Nakhla is on a Community College campus everyday interacting with students.



A. Everett Community College (EVCC). The ministry continues to have a strong regular attendance of 20-25  at the weekly Bible studies. At a separate time, student leaders meet regularly with Milad for training as well can help to lead the Bible Studies. 

One of the students who came to know the Lord two years ago through this ministry will graduate from EvCC at the end of this year. She will move on to the University of Washington next year, and is excited to be going to a national training for Christian student leaders in San Francisco in May with other students from UW.

1. As example of what God is doing:  Recently two students from China came to accept Jesus as their Savior, never having heard the name of Jesus before coming to the USA.  They began attending the Bible study led by Milad “out of curiosity”.  After a time of discipleship, one of these two students was baptized recently.

B. Shoreline Community College (SCC). The ministry at this college is largely to international students who usually attend the college for only two years.

1. At SCC, students are hearing the Gospel, and are also coming to accept Christ as their Savior.

2. The weekly Bible study attendees have increased on the campus. (Usually about 15-20 students attend). They have been doing “The Story” Bible Study. 

3. SCC students are increasingly attending Sunday services at Calvin PC. (Regularly more than a dozen attend now.)

4. A second Bible Study group with students from SCC has also started at Calvin on Wednesday evenings, also led by Milad. 

5. Calvin members are becoming involved in giving the international students social opportunities such as dining with the members in their homes and participating in some American celebrations first-hand (10 students from community colleges were hosted this past Thanksgiving). Calvin also provides dinner for any students attending the Wednesday night Bible Study, giving church members an opportunity to get to know the otherwise fairly isolated international students over a meal.  Calvin PC will be holding a fundraiser on April 13, 2013 for some ministry expenses to which all partner church congregations are also invited.

C. The Edmond's Community College (ECC) Outreach ministry was started in winter quarter (Sept 2012).  Most of those attending so far are American students.

1. Bible study is held every Monday with a big group of 45 students attending.

2. The Lord has raised up 5 students who are meeting Milad weekly to be trained and who now can help when the group breaks into smaller group for discussion during the study. 

D. Other News:
1. Mukilteo PC and Edmond's PC have agreed to partner with Calvin PC in this outreach ministry.  We are focusing on developing relationships with other churches as well.  Milad has accepted invitations to speak to the governing bodies of those that have expressed an interest in the ministry (even as far as in Bellingham).

2. Milad is also providing and encouraging extramural group activities such as a hike each quarter with students.

3. The community colleges permit Christian Clubs on each campus. Each month the ministry has a table with literature and the ability to engage the students in conversation about the club.  This is a great opportunity for questions on the part of the students, and for outreach. 

Conclusion:  This is a vital ministry to the unreached part of our community, to the glory of God. The challenge in the ministry is to provide sustainable long term financial support for this growing and exciting ministry. Some Sessions are considering support for this ministry as part of their budget process.

What We Do:
• Share Jesus with students and help them to build a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
• Invite them to join us every week for Bible study on campus.
• Invite them to dinner at Calvin on Wednesday nights for a time of fellowship and sharing of God’s love.
• Help students find places to live with a roommate or families. These are international students and those from out-of-state who need places to stay.
• Make outreach every month in campuses and sharing The Gospel with students.

What We Need:
People with a heart for Jesus to join our ministry.
Church partners. We hope many churches in our presbytery will be involved in outreach in campuses. 
Support this ministry with prayers.
Support this ministry with financial giving.

It’s harvest time for evangelism and focus in our students.
• Invite a student to join you for coffee or lunch.
• Host an international student for dinner in your home and your church.
• Invite a student to visit your bible study group.
• Join our prayer team to pray for this ministry.
• PRAY for the evangelism efforts on campus and in our neighborhoods.
• Email Milad or 
call 206-542-6181.

Rev. Milad Nakhla, Campus Minister
Calvin Presbyterian Church
18826 Third Ave NW
Shoreline, WA  98177



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