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March 31 2014 Sound and Spirit e-newsletter
Monday, March 31, 2014 (115 reads)


NPSP Sound & Spirit
March 31, 2014
Oso Releif Update - March 29, 2014
Presbyterian Disaster AssistanceFollowing their assessment of the Oso mudslide and the initial response, Rev. David Alger and Morella Larsen of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) met with 25 Presbyterians at Mountain View PC in Marysville, WA Sunday afternoon. This disaster, when all is said and done, may be the most costly natural disaster in the last century in Washington State in terms of human life. 

As a result of that meeting these are the top needs from the faith community right now:
Yeah I know, we always say pray. We mean it. And please make a plan to pray personally and publicly in worship periodically for months to come. This situation will take months...years to make whole. There are family and friends of the 25 people who have died and the 90 people who are still missing in need of our prayers. There are hundreds of trained, skilled search personnel wading through the area. The Darrington Fire Department is coordinating the search efforts. There are many people providing direct relief to residents and spiritual care. Our prayers undergird their lives and contributions. 

In particular please pray for these pastors and congregations who are closest to Oso! And pray for the whole faith community in that area who aren't listed only because we haven't made personal contact with them yet. 

Pastor Gary Ray and the congregation of Oso Community Chapel in Oso who is right in the middle of meeting the immediate practical and spiritual needs of community members and all those who are helping. 
Rev. Janet Lloyd, and the congregation of Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration in Darrington, WA 
Rev. Scott Summers and the congregation of Our Saviours Lutheran, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Arlington, WA. 
Rev. John MasonMountain View Presbyterian Church in Marysville, WA and the closest Presbyterian congregation to Oso.
Give to your favorite charity who will coordinate with others to bring relief, recovery, and hope. North Puget Sound Presbytery has established a designated fund for "Oso Relief." Individuals and congregations can give to this fund. We will hold the money until the best use of the money for direct relief of people in Oso is identified. There are governmental and other sources of financial relief that will address immediate needs. When that has been distributed the faith community will step in to meet unmet needs. If you give now, we will distribute later when the money will have the most significant impact. 

North Puget Sound Presbytery 
1010 East Casino Road 
Everett, WA 98203 
Please include a note or memo-line entry indicating your tax deductible gift is for "Oso Relief."
Make contact, pay attention, pray and prepare for effective avenues of service after the first wave of emergency response. 

If you want to be directly involved in coordinating the relief effort both now and over the long-term please email Corey Schlosser-Hall. We are forming a team that will coordinate ecumenically, with churches closest to Oso, and with other volunteer organizations actively involved in Oso relief efforts. We want our contributions to be effectively coordinated and have the highest impact. 

There will be a conference call this week. So if you or someone you know wants to be involved let us know.
What's NOT needed right now?
- There are plenty of people searching through the area. 
- There are plenty of chaplains functioning with the rescue        workers right now. 
- There is plenty of food, water and shelter provided to those    displaced. 
- There are plenty of blankets, sweaters, clothing.
Dr. Corey Schlosser-Hall
Executive Presbyter
NW Coast Presbytery




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